Perhaps the most famous Amiga text editor for programmers was developed 25 years ago (1986/1987) by Bruce Dawson, Colin Fox & Steve LaRocque (CygnusSoft Software) and was originally self-published. Even back then, CygnusEd distinguished itself by its high performance and robustness. Development on CygnusEd proceeded at a steady pace in those following years. CygnusEd was one of the first programs to feature an ARexx interface, and was the first Amiga text editor with an Undo/Redo feature. Many Amiga programmers "grew up" with CygnusEd and a considerable part of the Amiga software library was created with CygnusEd.

The last version published was CygnusEd Professional 4. It became available in 1997 and was a completely revised version of the editor and its auxiliary tools, adapted for AmigaOS 3.1.

The current CygnusEd version 5 was enhanced with new features, and robustness and performance were improved yet again. The "Ed" auxiliary tool was rewritten from scratch, and its complete source code is included with the editor. Many limitations and deficiencies of CygnusEd were removed. Version 5 is also the first CygnusEd release ported entirely, including all auxiliary tools, to the PowerPC (AmigaOS 4) and one of the first commercial software packages specially adapted for AmigaOS 4.

Support Forum

You can find the CygnusEd 5 Support Forum here.


CygnusEd ships with

System requirements

runs on AmigaOS 1.3?no
runs on AmigaOS 2.x?yes
runs on AmigaOS 3.x?yes
runs on AmigaOS 4.x?yes
runs on MorphOS68k, yes
runs on WinUAE?yes
how much RAM (in MBytes)?1.0
needs CD-ROM?yes
needs hard disk drive?yes
supports hard disk drive?yes
supports GFX board?yes
other infos-
German language?yes
English language?yes